Supported Living

CBCT offers a supported living service that works alongside disabled people to live independently in the community by providing support in those areas of their life where help is needed.

This service is available to people over the age of 17 who meet the Ministry of Health’s disability support services eligibility criteria.  In Dunedin you will have been referred to CBCT by Access Ability.

CBCT offers creative, responsive and flexible person centred approach to this support.

A Co-ordinator and/or Support Worker will work alongside the person, and if appropriate their family/whanau, to identify areas for support which will be written into a Plan.  This plan will identify the goals they hope to achieve during their time in the service and will be reviewed on a regular basis.

Some of the things your community Support Worker might do are:

  • Provide you with information about existing services available to you within the community.
  • Support you to use community facilities.
  • Help you develop new skills. For example cooking and shopping.
  • Liaise with other health professionals involved in your support.
  • Support you to achieve your goals.
  • Work professionally and confidentially.
  • Value your individuality.
  • Work creatively and with flexibility.
  • Build upon your strengths

Facility Based Respite

Corstorphine Baptist Community Trust is delivering respite services for eligible child and youth who are funded by Disability Support Services (DSS) or Ministry for Children Oranga Tamariki (MCOT).  This facility has the capacity for four people to stay and is staffed 24 hours a day (including a sleepover).  We also have a vehicle and can take people to their school or usual day time activity if needed.

Sometimes you need a break from each other and CBCT provides an environment for this to happen.

The Cosy Cottage respite service is tailored to meet your individual needs.

Care is provided by staff who understand and can respond to specific age and disability requirements.

Before being accepted into the respite service based at Cosy Cottage you will need to be referred by either DSS (Disability Support Service) or Oranga Tamariki (Ministry Of Children).

The service offers:

  • Self-determination so that families/whanau feel empowered and able to access the Cosy Cottage respite service.
  • Person centred approach which is developmentally and age appropriate.
  • Ordinary life outcomes.
  • Supports, builds and strengthens relationships between residents, their family/whanau/carer and communities.
  • Collaborative approach with family/whanau and all services involved in supporting the young person.
  • Suitably qualified and experienced Service Leader/Case Manager who will aim to optimise your stay and ensure that staff follow best practise in the service that they provide.

The home offers:

  • A welcoming home like environment which is safe, secure and comfortable.
  • Staffing 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Staff who will work alongside you to maintain wellness during your stay.
  • The ability to continue to participate within existing community and educational networks.