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Te Whakaruruhau – CBCT Child & Youth Residentialyouth

The service offers an innovative residential recovery service which aims to promote well-being for young people usually aged between 13 and 18 years who are affected by mental health issues. (please note the images of the house internal and external are of one of our properties)

Aim: To maximise the strengths of young people affected by mental health issues and to promote well-being in all aspects of their lives.

Te Whakaruruhau consists of two 3 bed homes. Staff will work closely with whanau/family and others involved in the support of the young person. It is anticipated that, where possible, the young people will continue to participate in their existing community, school, recreational and educational activities during their time within Te Whakaruruhau. The homes are staffed twenty four hours a day, over seven days.

Young people coming into the service will work alongside a clinician and support staff to develop a plan which will identify the goals they hope to achieve during their time with Te Whakaruruhau. Staff will work alongside the young person and their family/whanau to achieve their goals in a recovery focused way. The referrer and the clinical case manager may also be involved in the development of the young persons goal plan.

It is expected whanau/family will be an integral part of the young person’s plan and will offer support and encouragement to the young person to work towards achieving their goals.

All referrals to the service are sent directly to CBCT. Referrals will be considered against criteria for entry and the availability of beds.

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Child & Youth Community Supportart2

CBCT offers a Child and Youth Community Support Service to individuals under the age of 20 who experience mental health issues and are living within the community.

Aim: To maximise the strengths of children and young people affected by mental health issues and to promote well-being in all aspects of their lives.

Some of the things your Community Support Worker will do: