Corstorphine Baptist Community Trust

Adult Services


CBCT offers two residential houses for people over the age of 18 who experience issues with their mental health. Staff support the residents in these houses, but do not live on site. The houses are staffed 7am-10pm with a responsive on call service outside these hours. The houses are located in the South Dunedin and St Kilda areas.

This service offers recovery and strengths-based support which is individually tailored to the needs of the service users. This support aims to assist individuals to learn, develop and maintain life skills. Upon entering the service, individuals will be supported to develop goals for themselves and these goals will be the focus of their time with CBCT.

People coming into this service will work alongside a clinician and support staff to develop a plan which will identify the goals they hope to achieve during their time in the service.

The role of all staff is to assist service users through their recovery and support them to live in the most independent way possible. Staff can assist with a range of domestic and self-management skills such as cooking, budgeting, cleaning, gardening, shopping and planning/attending social activities. They will also assist with the running of house meetings so service users can manage the house to suit their needs.

Community Support

CBCT offers an adult community support service to individuals over the age of 18 who are experiencing mental health issues.

Support Workers work alongside service users to assist them in achieving their goals, including things such as:

Peer Support

CBCT has peer support workers who are available to provide peer support to adult service users.

Peer support workers have their own experience of mental distress and they work as peers alongside the service user – not as experts.

Peer support workers form relationships with service users and their work focuses on the relationship between the two people. Both people can give help and support to each other, share their knowledge and beliefs and experience different ways of relating to other people.

The peer support service at CBCT is based on an international model called Intentional Peer Support (IPS) and all CBCT peer support workers are fully trained in this model.