Corstorphine Baptist Community Trust

About Us


CBCT (Corstorphine Baptist Community Trust) has been providing mental health support services in Dunedin since 1974. It began as the Villa 3 scheme taking people from Cherry Farm Hospital and providing group homes in the community. Historically services were delivered from the Corstorphine Baptist Church Hall (hence the organisation’s name), but the organisation has always been non-denominational.

Over time, CBCT has expanded from primarily adult mental health services to also include services for those with a disability, as well as child and youth services

Present Day

Today CBCT provides a range of residential and support services for children, young people and adults living with mental health issues and/or a disability. This support is provided in a variety of settings to meet the needs of the individual and their family/whānau.

CBCT is a well-established provider known for working collaboratively with other agencies and finding creative and innovative ways to meet challenging and complex needs.

CBCT works with individuals in a goal-focused way to identify areas which impact on their wellbeing and independence in the community and supports them to achieve their full potential.

CBCT’s Philosophy

CBCT’s services are designed and implemented according to the following principles: