About Us

CBCT’s Philosophysunset

  • The inherent value of all people
  • The rights and obligations of service users to participate as an integral part of all service planning, provision and evaluation
  • The rights of people affected by disability to live within the community
  • Commitment to the principles of partnership, participation and protection as encompassed within Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

CBCT’s Aim

To maximize the strengths of people who are experiencing difficulties in their lives as a result of mental health issues, intellectual disability or head injury and to promote wellbeing in all aspects of their lives.

CBCT’s Structureart3

A Board governs CBCT. The Trustees represent a wide range of occupations and interests within the community. The Board meets regularly. The chair of the Board is Geoff Mirkin C/o PO Box 803, Dunedin 9054.

The CEO has overall responsibility for the operations of CBCT and is assisted in this by the Service Leaders/Case Managers, Policy & Quality Advisor, and a team of administrators.
Service Delivery Teams include:

  • Service Leaders/Case Managers
  • Co-ordinator Adult Residential
  • Community Support Workers
  • Residential Support Workers

CBCT provides the following services in the greater Dunedin area:

  • Adult Residential Service
  • Adult Community Support Service
  • Child and Youth Residential Service – Te Whakaruruhau
  • Child and Youth Community Support Service
  • Supported Living
  • Facility Respite for Child and Youth

To access CBCT services you may be required to have a current Needs Assessment and/or specialist service referral.  However we can also accept self-referrals into some services and can also assist you in having a referral form completed.